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Monster Legends Hack Official- Add Gems, Food, Gold

Our Monster Legends hack was developed by a highly skilled team. They come from many walks of life, but are mainly web developers and app coders. Our team has developed this tool with you, the end user, in mind. The goal was to make the process as simple as possible while allowing maximum benefit for you!

This Monster Legends tool has many amazing features that you will not find anywhere else. We utilize full private proxies on the server side requests, so the requests are fully encrypted. What’s that mean for you? It’s impossible to be caught and banned! Now you will have no excuses for being beaten by your friends.

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Full Features List

  • Proxy Support
  • Constant Updates
  • Fully Encrypted requests
  • Generate unlimited Monster Legends gems
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlock Legendary Monsters
  • Multiple Daily Queries

There is no need to download Monster Legends cheat tool because all the hard work is done on the server side. All you need to do is kick back in your chair with a nice cup of coffee, and let the scripts do the rest. So now it’s time to stop waiting around, and start dominating this game!

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About Monster Legends tool

Consider this your lucky day! We know the feeling, you’ve been searching all day to gain the upper hand over your friends. Well guess what!? Today is the day you acquire unlimited (or close to) supplies for the slam dunk game Monster Legends. Are you running low on food to sustain all the little monsters running around? BOOM! Not anymore! Just use our food generator cheat and you’ll never be low again! Out of gems and gold and want to create a Legendary Monster? No PROBLEM!Just use our simple user-interface and gain all the gems and gold you’ll ever need.

What is This God-like Tool?

You may be wondering why the heck you are on this awesome site, and how it can make your day 10x better! Well here’s a brief explanation of what this is. You see, we are all avid gamers and nerds united, when we first starting playing Monster Legends we were always short on supplies. No matter how many hours we invested, or friends we invited, or tools we tried, we always ran low on GEMS, GOLD, and FOOD. So we got together on a private IRC chat and connived (although not the illegal kind) how we could get more supplies. It wasn’t long until Johnny discovered a simple loophole in the code and wrote an exploit. After this amazing discover, we knew what had to be done. As stated before, this bad boy will generate all the gems, gold and food you could ever need! Check out this image proof

So I’m gonna be honest with you, Johnny would have my head on a platter if I disclosed our exploit…. So this portion will have to be brief .

Proxy Support

Here’s why you need full proxy support; every computer has an IP address that is traceable back to your computer. When you utilize a proxy, your computer sends the request to the proxy, which then forwards on to the server. This is especially important because if the Facebook developers became suspicious of your account, and pulled the logs, they would only see hack come from the proxy’s IP address. Don’t worry, it sounds complicated, but it’s all seamlessly done in the background on our servers. You don’t have to configure anything!

Constant Updates

Updates are one of the most critical pieces of any software. The developers are constantly patching their code, and often this means they make any hack useless! But our Monster Legends cheat tool is updated so frequently that it has a 99% up time!

Generate Unlimited Supplies

This is the golden egg right here. Let’s just put our conscience to the side for a minute. This game is a cash cow! They just constantly milk you with in-game purchases and soon, you may have a legendary monster, but you will have no money in real life. That’s were you need to be taking advantage of this tool. Stop spending $2.99 on 5,000 gems! It’s a waste of your time and money!

Multiple Daily Queries

The awesome part about all this is that you can run our Monster Legends hack more than once a day! This might not sound important, but we have some serious server horsepower running in the background to allow all these requests. So go ahead and send your friends some free gems too


What are some Monster Legends Cheats ? Read below

Why you need more GOLD!

Gold mining is the most essential part of your success in Monster Legends and it is absolutely imperative that you understand how to farm gold at a high level in order to master the game. There are a few different ways that you can get gold in Monster Legends, which include farming it, stealing it, buying it, selling it for a higher rate or winning it. There are many different ways for players to get and consistently increase the gold that you have. Let’s take a look at some of the ways below:

Collecting From Habitats

You’ll want to make as many nature habitats as possible in order to mine the gold from the land. You should be making up to six different nature habitats, while also ensuring that you’re leveling them up as fast as possible. We would suggest that you mine them as often as possible, as the icon will show up when they’re 25% full.

Breeding Pandakens

Breeding Pandakens is another quick and easy way to develop gold. You can breed them by using the Firesaur and Treezard monsters. Once you have at least 10-12 Pandakens, you should attempt to get a Greenasaur as quickly as possible. You can then sell those Greenasaurs for quite a bit of gold. Since the process of developing your Pandakens into Greenasaurs doesn’t take very long, you should do this as often as possible or as much as your food supply will allow.

Focus on Nature Habitats

We’ve already mentioned that you should focus on making up to six different nature habitats, but be sure that you’re leveling them up as quickly as possible. Nature habitats have the fastest upgrade times of any of the habitats with solid gold capacity, so leveling them up to at least the 7th level can be a huge help in allowing you to consistently develop gold.


Developing your nature habitats and leveling up your Pandakens is certainly the fastest way to consistently develop and maintain a strong gold supply. There are, however, other ways in which you can get a solid supply of gold as well. You can sell any type of eggs, items, or monsters for gold, although Pandakens are easiest because they have fast upgrade times and are cheap. Clearing meteorites and rubbles is another way to get gold, as it also helps you to get develop a supply of food and gems. The dragon market, which is friend based, will require a strong social network but it can be one of the more lucrative options for players that have a lot of friends participating in the game with them. Even with all of this advice on developing your gold, the most important part of becoming a strong player on Monster Legends is to consistently check on and build your habitats and monsters. It takes a lot of patience to become successful at Monster Legends, but with a little consistent hard work there is no doubt that you work your way to the top of the Monster Legends community.

Before the Battle

Obviously the most important part of any battle is your ability to prepare and level up your monsters beforehand. You’ll want to consistently level up at least one monster in each element in order to advance at the fastest rate possible. This will make it easier for you to choose your battles as well as giving you an advantage over most other competition.

Choose Battles Based on Element Affiliations

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your monsters is the most important part of battling. Monsters with different elements will work better against other monsters with different elements. For future reference, here’s a chart that you can refer to in order to help you before deciding which battles to get into:

  • Fire > Nature
  • Nature > Magic
  • Magic > Light
  • Light > Dark
  • Dark > Earth
  • Earth > Thunder
  • Thunder > Water
  • Water > Fire

You’ll want to try to match up your battles so that you’re fighting users that you can take advantage of by using this chart. Be sure that you have a strong supply of monsters whose element can more easily combat your opponent’s strongest monsters.

Pick a High Potential Team

Once you’ve matched up the elements, you’ll then want to be sure that you’re choosing the right monsters to send to battle. You’ll have to take a look at the specific levels and elements of the opponent to see where you can gain an advantage. It may be necessary to go with monsters of a lower level in order to gain the 1.5x extra damage.
You’ll also want to be conscious of the regular and special moves of each monster that you’re using. Each monster has four regular moves and a special move. Monsters that reach level 10 will also have an extra level of support, which will vary depending on the specific monster. Try to get as acclimated as possible with the monsters that you consistently send to battle.

Focus on Multi Enemy Moves

Placing a focus on multi enemy moves is a great way to defeat your enemy as quickly as possible. Multi enemy moves will generally do a large amount of damage to a single monster and then lesser damage to the other two. You can only use these moves once per monster, however, so make sure you’re strategizing correctly to deliver it at the right time.
It may be most effective to deliver it either at the very beginning, allowing you to get quick head start on the other team, or at the very end of the battle when you can get rid of multiple monsters at one time. You should especially focus on using these moves when your monster has a stronger element than multiple monsters on the other team.

Summing it all up

Battles are one of the funnest parts of playing Monster Legends. Be sure that you’re following through on leveling up on your monsters and that you’re being conscious of the elements in play before you go to battle. Just remember that the battle itself is the easy part, the hard part is what is done to prepare for the battle. Happy fighting!

Habitat Guide

There are many different types of habitats and temples in Monster Legends cheats, each of which serving its own specific purpose. Altogether, there are nine different types of habitats and eight different types of temples. The habitats determine a few different factors, such as the amount of gold you can hold, buy and sell and the amount of monsters you can have. The temples, on the other hand, determine the level that your monsters can advance to. It’s important to realize that different levels of habitats will allow different amounts of monsters. Level 1-3 allows two monsters, with level 4-6 allowing three monsters and then 7-8 allowing up to four. So, in order to increase your monster capacity, your aim should be to reach level 4 and level 7 as soon as possible within each habitat. Obviously it’s also important to advance your temples in order to level up the monsters that you’re able to have. Let’s take a look at each individual habitat and what monsters can be found in them:

Fire Habitat

Common Monsters: Fire Lion, Firesaur
Uncommon monsters: Firekong, Firanda, Pyrook and a few others
Rare Monsters: Firetaur, Djinn, Freettle
Epic Monsters: Scorchpeg, Esthirel, Freedom Feather
Legendary Monsters: Firelequin, Vadamagma, Lord Moltus

Nature Habitat

Common Monsters: Treezard and Panda
Uncommon monsters: Utochomp, Sheluke, Rarawr
Rare Monsters: Pandaken
Epic Monsters: Rosanha, Arn, Erpham
Legendary Monsters: Lagerchaun, Firus, Nemestrinus

Earth Habitat

Common Monsters: Treezard, Panda
Uncommon monsters: Light Sphinx, Obsidia, Gastosquish
Rare Monsters: Molem, Dendrosaur
Epic Monsters: Dragonian Beast, Sasquach, Irockman, Terracrank
Legendary Monsters: Shi Hou, Rockantium

Thunder Habitat

Common Monsters: Thunder Eagle
Uncommon monsters: Terror Dactyl, Pelitwirl, Raydex
Rare Monsters: Bonbon, Rhodent, Koopigg
Epic Monsters: Griffex, Karasu, Rabidex, Wolfkami, Rockinho
Legendary Monsters: Thundhare, Thorder

Water Habitat

Common Monsters: Turtle, Mersnake
Uncommon monsters: Blesstle, Dolphchamp, Sealion
Rare Monsters: Octocrush, Vapwhirl, Komocat
Epic Monsters: Drop Elemental, Cthulhu, Fliploch, Musu
Legendary Monsters: White Walker, Lord of the Atlantis

Dark Habitat

Common Monsters: Tyrannoking
Uncommon monsters: Succuba, Giragast
Rare Monsters: Shanky, Beefcake
Epic Monsters: Razfeesh, Teddy Fear, Kimmel’s Gift, Tao Tao
Legendary Monsters: Darkzgul, Lostyghost, Nebotus

Magic Habitat

Common Monsters: Genie
Uncommon monsters: Flawless, Pyrook
Rare Monsters: Haze, Djinn, Sparkwedge
Epic Monsters: Darknubis, Pandalf, Tartarus, Rodolph, Duchess
Legendary Monsters: Worker Hulk, Panda Claus, Goldfield, Cupid

Light Habitat

Common Monsters: Light Spirit
Uncommon monsters: Light Sphinx, Vixsun
Rare Monsters: Zim, Rudicius, Pulseprism
Epic Monsters: Goldcore, Fayemelina, Skipples, Esthirel
Legendary Monsters: Uriel, Arch Night

Legendary Habitat

The legendary habitat is different than the others, as it only is able to produce legendary monsters. It combines with the other habitats to produce the rarest, and strongest, monsters that Monster Legends has to offer.


Hopefully this outline of the habitats and monsters associated with those habitats can give you a better idea of exactly what you will want to aim for throughout the game. Remember that the habitats and temples work together, so be sure that you have a strategy in place to level up on both of them consistently. I hope you enjoyed those Monster Legends cheats.


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