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Brave Frontier Hack and Tips

Brave Frontier hack has hit the big time. Undoubtedly a popular RPG designed for Android and iOS devices, this game could be potentially habit forming. It is a good idea to get the basics straight and then lay down some serious play tactics without using hacks and cheating.  Use basic Brave Frontier tips instead if you want.

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You have six heroes in the game and you determine the characters to attack various enemies and/ or a specific one. All the battles end up with a follow-up Brave Boost. Activate the Brave Burst meter. To do this, hold the full meter button on certain characters and attack to gain experience points. Gems are the ideal currency and you accumulate them by completing quests. Karma and Zel, the primary game currencies are useful only for growing game units and to level up. Just keep going up the levels like the RPG tradition dictates and you should get it from there.

Brave Frontier tips will help you along the way. Since this game was developed with a similar format as Puzzle and Dragons, you will discover similar trappings when not in combat. The puzzle mechanic is replaced. So, if you know that game, you should fall right in place with Brave Frontier.

Choose your starter

Be wise choosing your starter because the unit holds great potential which you should save as much as possible. Between the four elements, you have the element starters Vargas for fire, Selena for water, Lance for the earth, and Eze for thunder. Each has their own advantages. Vargas can utilize a party attack buff with the balanced stats. Selena recovers rapidly and learns a particular move which can be used for party healing at a limit of 3 turns. Lance boasts strong defenses for a defense buff. Eze has high HP and attack so you can bring in the party attack buff with Eze as well.

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Do not concern yourself with specializing inventory in the beginning because it will be limited and double up on elements won’t really help in the long run. It is wiser to build a diverse team with varied skills first, playing into the various tactics. This will help to prevent you from spending real money while you slowly build your inventory to a pinnacle.

Going back to the Brave Burst skill, make sure to keep a close eye on every unit’s skill. Brave Burst is best used to turn the battle to your advantage through kindly skills rather than to inflict damage. You can use a unit’s skill to heal the team. When you get trapped in scenarios against stronger enemies, use Brave Burst skills for more malevolent attack purposes.

This is by no means the full breadth of Brave Frontier hack and tips you can use to improve your game. There is actually quite a bit of depth to the game and myriad tips are available. The basic tips and structure presented here will help you get to the trickier tips.

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