My friends are a great treasure in my life. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. Both those who have known and accompanied me since I was a child and those that I have been incorporating into my life later, are one of the fundamental pillars of my person. And they are the chosen family, with whom I know I can always count on.

So much so that my friends are and have been my best advisers. Each of us is different, and our different points of view and life experiences mean that we can offer different advice. The same thing happens to my colleagues from Jared, and that is why we all usually go to our friends for advice. This includes love and, as sharing is living, here we tell you some of the best advice on the love that our friends have given us.

Don’t go out of your way for someone who doesn’t fight for you

Surely many of us have found ourselves going out of our way and trying to maintain a relationship with someone who does not make the same effort. When Anna found herself “rowing alone in a long relationship that refused to accept that she was already dead,” her friends gave her this advice.

And it is that love is two-way, and efforts must be shared. Sometimes, out of love, we cling to someone who, for whatever reason, can no longer give us what we need. We all deserve to be in a relationship in which the effort and affection are the same for both parties.

May happiness always weigh more on you than history

A Pepa, her friends, gave this advice when he was in one of those moments. And they were right, the history we have with a person cannot weigh on our current happiness. What’s more, it should serve as a guide. And it is that, if we were happy and we are no longer happy, our history together does not deserve to be tinged with resentment and disaffection just for fear of ending it.

Relationships should be easy: complicated things from the beginning never quite work out

We are usually taught from childhood that we have to fight for love and that, for the loved one, we have to make an effort. Besides, romantic movies teach us to romanticize difficult or complicated relationships. With our effort and sacrifice, we will be able to change the other person or make the relationship work.

The reality is that love and relationships shouldn’t be difficult, which Charlie’s friends have taught her. Of course, all relationships go through complications, but it shouldn’t be difficult and complicated to make the relationship work. People who love and suit you make your life easier and not more difficult, and no relationship that is going to work needs to be forced.

It is not enough to love someone: on balance, the good must outweigh the bad

How many times have we found ourselves justifying a bad relationship because “we love him”? It has probably happened to all of us at some time. The reality is that in relationships loving each other is not enough, and this is something that María learned thanks to her friends.

All relationships, especially long ones, go through good times and bad times. In all of them, we must make commitments and work on it. However, by putting everything on balance, that relationship should bring us more good than bad. As much as we love someone, if the relationship with that person brings us more bad things than good, it is surely not a healthy relationship for us.


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